Thailand's Hobbit House is perfect for vacationing halflings

No one is likely to mistake this for a hole in the ground, but Hobbit devotees looking to continue the experience beyond the trilogy-ending Battle of the Five Armies may want to consider a stay at the Hobbit House in Thailand.

Just two hours from Bangkok, the rental cottage is entirely above ground, but otherwise bears a fairly decent likeness to Bag End, right down to the round green door and earthen roof. Luckily, however, this version has air conditioning and wireless Internet, still unavailable in the Shire, despite Saruman's efforts to modernize.

The home's owner, who's either Bilbo Baggins or a graphic designer named Chanikul, even stocks the one-bedroom, one-bath house with Hobbit DVDs, books, games and LEGO, as well as a costume collection for photos.

The price starts at about $67 U.S. per night, or about $1,345 per month, which seems pretty reasonable by Middle-earth standards.

(via Nerdist)

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