Tezuka's 'Phoenix: A Tale of the Future' coming from Viz in May

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Viz Communications, Inc. proudlyannounces the May release of Phoenix: A Tale of the Future, by acclaimedauthor Osamu Tezuka, widely known and respected for his numerouscontributions to the manga and anime industries. A 296-page, square-boundgraphic novel, Phoenix: A Tale of the Future retails for $22.95 U.S. ($37.95Canada).

After several nuclear wars, civilization has gone underground due to thetoxic atmosphere. The five cities resemble huge shopping malls, with eachcity ruled by an enormous super-computer that calculates every action forits inhabitants and rules supreme. Meet Masato, who secretly keeps a Moopieas a companion - a forbidden extraterrestrial creature capable of assumingany form and inducing hallucinations in those it contacts. In this highlyregimented world, the super-computer Hallelujah cannot allow for anythingoutside its exacting calculations. When Hallelujah discovers Masato'ssecret and decrees that the Moopie, known as Tamami, must be destroyed,Masato chooses to defy the order and makes a daring escape with Tamami tofind a safe haven. Their escape triggers a visitation by a mythical birdand an adventure of epic proportions.

Regarded by many as the "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka was born in 1928 inToyonoka, in Osaka, Japan. A prolific author and artist, Tezuka isgenerally regarded as the single figure responsible for developing Japan'smassive manga and anime industries. His cinematic art style and novelisticnarratives have made his work as universally accessible and relevant now aswhen first published in Japan. A list of his well known and universallyloved work includes the classic Jungle Emperor Leo (also known as Kimba theWhite Lion), Black Jack, Adolf, Mighty Atom (which became known as AstroBoy in the U.S.) and Metropolis (recently made into a hit anime film).Tezuka continued creating comics until his death in 1989.

About Phoenix

The twelve self-contained yet interlinked stories that compose Phoenix (Hino tori in Japanese, literally "Firebird") is considered by many to be thesummit of Osamu Tezuka's artistic achievement. Tezuka himself referred toPhoenix as his "life work." Painstakingly composed over a span of decades(early versions appeared as early as 1954), serialized in a number of venuesand left incomplete with Tezuka's death in 1989, Phoenix represents Tezuka'sambitious attempt to push all he knew about the comics medium to addressfundamental questions about existence. This edition, Phoenix: A Tale of theFuture, is an English translation of the second of the twelve Phoenixstories ("Future").

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