Texeira sets his sights on 'Pscythe'

[Pscythe]Most fans know Mark Texeira for his work on books like "Wolverine" and "Sabretooth." More recently his work has been seen in books like "Just a Pilgrim" and "Black Panther." Early next year Texeira is set to debut his latest effort, "Pscythe," featuring a back up feature, "Industry of War," by Jordan Raskin (for more on that, click here.). CBR News sat down with Texeira to learn more about "Pscythe."

"'Pscythe' is a violent, mind bending, visually driven story about a rookie female bounty hunter who has the tables turned on her when she realizes the world is not what it seems to be," said Texeira. "She's suddenly gone from hunter to hunted and she has to find out by whom and why, fast"

When asked to reveal a bit more, like who or what Pscythe is, Texeira was reluctant to say too much as saying anything more would give the whole thing away.

"'Pscythe' is the name it's given by the various people who come in contact with it, (street people, media, etc.) It's true origin is ingrained in the story line and is slowly realized."

In these first two issues readers will meet Angie, the afore mentioned female bounty hunger, and BuBu, the veteran bail retrieval agent who mentors Angie in exchange for a cut of the money she earns on each case, with or without him. Texeira told CBR News the main theme explored in "Pscythe" will be that of redemption.

"Angie finds her life has more meaning than she realized, finding there's more out there than she previously understood," said Texeira. "Through her self discovery, Angie will learn how to sympathize with man and finds there are dire consequences if she fails in this quest."

Texeira has plans for "Pscythe" beyond this two issue mini-series.

"I'm planning on 2 to 4 issue mini-series once a year for as long as the fans and retailers will support it. Each story arc will examine relationships, religion and personal growth over all. The character, Angie, will learn what it means to truly be human through the circumstances she encounters."

The format Texeira chose to debut "Pscythe" with is an interesting one. Each issue will contain a fifteen page "Pscythe" story followed by a 15 page installment of Jordan Raskin's "Industry of War." The front cover will feature "Pscythe" while the back cover will have an "Industry of War" cover. The reasons for this format go back to a project Texeira was trying to get off the group three years ago.

"Originally, Ray Lago and myself were going to do this 'co-op' book together and we had started work on it about 3 years ago. We went so far as to put together an ashcan and premiered it at the San Diego show with plans to produce it as a full book. But we both got tied up with deadlines on other jobs elsewhere and had to put our plans on the side for a while. Recently, some fans and retailers had asked what was going on with it and if it was still happening. That got me interested in doing it again. Ray, unfortunately, is still too busy working on various projects to join in and I really didn't want to do this book alone. I remembered that Jordan was working on a project of his own, so I asked him if he'd like to put our stories into one book and he agreed.

[Page 1]"Jordan and I want to debut our titles together and not be out there all alone. It's mostly about feedback and over all support between us. With both of us on this title, for now, we're sort of in the same boat moving towards a common goal. Producing your own material isn't easy and we can bounce ideas off each other as to how we approach what we're doing."

Texeira's artistic approach to the book will share stylistically with work he did on "Black Panther" a few years back. The books will have color covers with black and white interiors.

"Well, I took a real liking to the approach I used in the Black Panther series at Marvel which was painted all in gray tones. Ever since then, I have wanted to continue that approach, but especially in my own book."

For now this series is a self-published effort, but Texeira is open to any possibilities that might present itself.

"Well, we're not set in stone as to how we're publishing yet. Right now, it's a creator owned project that so far we're going to self publish. But we're not against working with a publisher. We haven't really approached anyone with it yet and the situation has to be right. We'll know better how we're going to publish once we have everything finished for both issues."

One thing you can count on is when the series is finally solicited, art for both issues will be complete and ready to ship to the printer.

"We want to make sure that all the art is ready to go for both issues before we print issue one. The retailers want to see that for their own sense of security and we plan on making them happy."

For more on the Jordan Raskin back up, "Industry of War," click here.

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