Texas fan keeps Batman close to his heart -- and on his shelves

Happy Saturday and welcome to Shelf Porn, our showcase for fans and their collections. Today's shelves belong to Chris in Texas, who goes shirtless to show us his love for Batman -- as well as his statues, comics and more.

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And now here's Chris ...


My name is Chris and I live in Houston, Tx.

I've been a pretty major Batman fan since the Animated Series in the 90's, but it wouldn't be until after I graduated high school that I started picking up comic books. After diving into essential trades like Year One and the Long Halloween, I took to collecting single issues and I was off to the races. The love for Batman quickly grew into a general love of comics. A Batman statue or two later and the book shelf in my small 1 bedroom apartment was near capacity.

But a bigger place brought bigger space, and before long my dining room had become a dedicated shrine to all things Comic Books. (Sometimes to the dismay of my girlfriend)

Here's an overview of the ever-expanding collection, centered around Alex Ross' beautiful 676 cover poster!

These two 6 foot shelves showcase a revolving door of comics I have on display.

The bottom one is currently Batman and Detective comics classics! The goofier the cover, the more I like it!(Bat-Baby?!?)

The top shelf doesn't have as strong of a theme, it currently showcases autographed comics, and key issues. I recently acquired a comic signed by my favorite writer in comics today, Scott Snyder, and one of my favorite artists, Frank Quitely. And they both just happen to be Bat books! There's also a couple Hush issues signed by Jim Lee. Others on the shelf include Uncanny X-Men 266, Walking Dead 19, and Watchmen 1. Below the shelves are some original pieces of art that were made as gifts for me by some very cool people.

Cherry's gun, er... leg.

These 1:3 busts might have been the first statues I purchased. Below them is an entire deck of Sin City cards on display.

My collection is mostly from DC, but Marvel owns this top shelf! Daredevil is my favorite Marvel character, and this piece of him and Punisher is one of my favorites. Gambit, being another Marvel favorite of mine, is just hanging out smoking a cigarette...

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