Test Your Comic Knowledge!

Here's a 20-question comic book trivia quiz. Try and see how many you know!

Lean on Me

The following 20 characters are all non-superhero supporting cast members of superheroes. For each character, tell me which superhero they are/were a supporting cast member of.


1. Fiona Webb

2. Josh Cooper

3. Peter Spaulding

4. Desiree Winthrop

5. Tom Corsi

6. Vesper Fairchild

7. Bethany Cabe

8. Archie Corrigan

9. Frieda Goren

10. Jackie Lukas

11. Bernie Dillon

12. Steve Lombard

13. Connie Noleski

14. Olivia Reynolds

15. Jason Ionello

16. Milla Donovan

17. Terry Berg

18. Marlo Chandler

19. Keith Kincaid

20. Courtney Duran

Good luck!

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