Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for Fred Van Lente Day!

Here's a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!

Fred Van Lente Day Quiz

In honor of Fred Van Lente Day, the following 20 questions are all answered by answers including the name "Fred." So since the "Fred" part is a given, just give me the LAST name for each question!

The first 10 are about comic creators and the last 10 are about comic characters!

1. His most popular character was probably "Ukkie," who he wrote in the magazine Margriet during the 80s.

2. He worked on many adventure stories with his wife Liliane for Tintin magazine.

3. He drew Airboy during the 40s and Ringo Kid for Atlas.

4. He is the Humorous comic writer/artist most notable for destroying the Marvel Universe.

5. He drew some "Grin and Bear It" strips, and has worked on "Animal Crackers" for awhile.

6. He Wrote and drew "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith" for over sixty years.

7. He followed Phil Davis as the artist on the Mandrake the Magician strip.

8.He drew the daily comic strip 'Cicero Sapp' from 1921 to 1928.

9. He drew the strip "Ella Cinders" from 1945 to 1961. He also wrote "Freckles and his Friends" for many years.

10. He worked for Bell Features in the 40s and created the character "Doc Stearne."

11. The real name of Captain Marvel, Jr.

12. Keystone City cop partnered with Jared Morillo.

13. FBI agent who was a friend to the X-Men.

14. The secret identity of the super-villain Boomerang

15. Parent of one of the characters in Archie.

16. World renowned animal trainer and friend of the Detective Chimp.

17. The secret identity of the second Brainstorm.

18. The Blob's real name.

19. The Bucky for Jeffrey Mace's Cap and William Nasland's Cap.

20. The secret identity of the "Big Man" in Amazing Spider-Man

Have fun!

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