Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for Christmas!

The following 20 descriptions describe issues of monthly comic book series dealing with Christmas. For each plot description, tell me the comic book it describes (no need for issue numbers).


1. A hero learns that the city took a day off from crime to give him a day of rest.

2. A demon encounters a super villainess on a Christmas "shopping" spree, as the demon searches for the true meaning of Christmas.

3. A beginner superhero settles in in a new town at Christmas, fights a bad guy, and canoodles with a new teammate.

4. Two heroes follow a super villain, only to discover he's visiting his mother for the holidays.

5. The protagonist of the book tussles with a super villain playing Santa Claus at a mall.

6. A hero discovers that one of his co-workers (in his secret identity) is spending Christmas at their job - because she LIVES there!!

7. A villain disguises himself as Santa Claus and fights with the hero until the hero learns that all the villain wants is a Christmas ornament, so the hero just lets the villain take it.

8. Lone heroine faces off against a demon at Christmas time.

9. A hero finds himself framed for a series of robberies during the holidays, and encounters a quartet of fellow super heroines who are determined to stop him.

10. A younger superhero and his older mentor bond as they spend Christmas together (even doing a patrol together)...but the hero's life is turned upside down when his Christmas wish appears to have come true!

11. A hero spends his holiday helping a homeless man find a stolen locket that is the only reminder of his dead family.

12. Abnormal Christmas heat wave occurs at the same time as a big CRIME wave.

13. Superhero regales the nephew of his best friend with a story about superheroes teaming up with Santa Claus.

14. A superhero reads all of the Christmas mail sent to him.

15. A group of superheroes perform a real life "A Christmas Carol" on a Scrooge-like man.

16. A hero and his wife find themselves evicted, just in time for Christmas!

17. A heroine confronts someone at Christmastime who tormented her when she was growing up in an orphanage.

18. The protagonist is hired to hunt down a radioactive Santa Claus.

19. A hero helps an old friend whose son has gotten caught up with a bad crowd...and could a super villain possibly be involved?

20. While Christmas shopping for his son, a hero gets caught in a brawl with a "Grinch" analogue.

Merry Christmas!

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