Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for 6/27

Here's a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!

Batman Gets Around

Batman has a lot of mini-series. The following are just ones that follow the naming formula of "Batman: _____." Fill in the blank for the mini-series titles that match the following 20 plot descriptions.

1. Detailing hidden events between Knightfall and Legacy.

2. Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham after a long time at sea, and encounters variations on all his classic villains.

3. A young Bruce Wayne vows revenge at King Arthur...hijinks ensue.

4. Harvey Bullock deals with a new partner while Renee Montoya deals with terrorists.

5. Batman fights, of all people, the Toyman over the fate of a young computer hacker

6. Batman is brainwashed.

7. The government comes into Gotham to eliminate vigilantes, forcing Batman and his crew to fight back.

8. Detailing the history of one of Batman's oldest foes as the foe dies, and is replaced.

9. Batman becomes a sort of Bat-god in Egypt.

10. Notable times in the shared careers of Batman and Commissioner Gordon are highlighted.

11. While dealing with a mysterious evil guns dealer, Batman runs into an even more mysterious assassin who attempts to become a force for good.

12. This series spotlighted only the citizens of Gotham themselves.

13. A serial killer strikes by the holidays.

14. Batman fights some Egyptian villain who kidnaps millionaires working with Killer Croc.

15. Spotlighting the other vigilantes of Gotham City as a new Underworld gang moves in 16. Batman tries to help cure James Langstrom

17. Gotham is cut off from the rest of the world, and is besieged by supernatural frights, leading to Bruce Wayne dressing as a giant Bat to defend Gotham (and avenge his parents' murder by a werewolf).

18. Batman vs. Joker, only done via a Hollywood studio (Batman) being attacked by ANOTHER Hollywood Studio (Joker)

19. A new serial killer shows up...or is it the holiday killer again?

20. A new hero roams the streets of Gotham during a time of racial tensions, and he may not take to Batman.

Good luck!

And have fun!!

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