Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for 12/27

Here's a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!

Not EVERYone is a Winner

The following were features in DC's try-out title, Showcase. They are the features who DIDN'T graduate to their own comic - at least not from their feature in Showcase. Years later, some of these features became leads in their own comic, but not due to their appearance in Showcase (or, in some cases, not even for DC Comics!). So remember, some of these characters DID get their own series eventually.


1. The hero with the golden helmet!

2. Mike Sekowsky handled this tale of hero Mike Maxwell.

3. A man strives to meet up to his father's reputation as a "smoke-eater."

4. A man races against the gangster who killed his father to find his sister, who has the secret to bringing the gangster down.

5. One of the main characters from Our Army At War attempted a spin-off of his own.

6. The tales of Rex Tyler.

7. Stories about animals in nature.

8. Tales of a mod band.

9. King Faraday took center stage in this tale.

10. Story about the Navy Underwater Demolition Team.

11. This deadbeat detective turned up in a lot of books after his Showcase run was over, as a sort of "traveling hero."

12. A certain British secret agent took his turn in Showcase with the adaptation of this novel.

13. J. Scott Pike, noted romantic comic creator, handled the creation of this female aquatic hero.

14. Licensed stories about an army man.

15. Three detectives hunt down criminals.

16. Rockstar Jim Rook tries to find his girlfriend in the crazy land of Myrra.

17. Tales of adventures inside the Earth.

18. Arnold Drake-penned space story starring a young "Planeteer."

19. A man named Starker is a bounty hunter in the future.

20. This story was just an attempt to repackage old Western stories.

Good luck, and have fun!

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