Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for 11/29

Here's a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!

Going to the Chapel...

The following 20 characters are the spouses of superheroes. Name the superheroes that is/was the spouse of each character.

1. Linda Park

2. Yera

3. Mindy McPherson

4. Wanda Maximoff

5. Doris Drew

6. Terry Long

7. Marinna

8. Wendi Harris

9. Dhalua

10. Rose Canton

11. Joan Williams

12. Crystal

13. Inza Kramer

14. Mary James

15. Lois Lane

16. John Stewart

17. Lyta Trevor

18. Madeline Joyce

19. Ph'yzzon

20. Molly Mayne

Good luck!

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