Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for 11/15

Here's a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!

Is There A Doctor In The House?

The following 20 names are the aliases of comic book characters whose super hero/super villain names begin with "Doctor." So go name these comic book doctors (you can just name the part after ''Doctor'' in their names, if you would like, like if I say "Victor Von Doom,'' you'd say ''Doom.'')

1. Karl Hellfern

2. Jacob Finlay

3. Joseph Ledger

4. Neal Emerson

5. Charles McNider

6. Albert Desmond

7. Larry Trapp

8. Douglas Birely

9. Edgar Cizko

10. Lester Verde

11. Alex Sartorius

12. Princess Maru

13. Kent Nelson

14. Otto Octavius

15. Kimiyo Hoshi

16. Johann Fennoff

17. Tom Emery

18. Beth Chapel

19. Carolyn Trainer

20. Joshua N'Dingi

Good luck, and have fun!

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