Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for 10/25

Here's a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!


The following 20 names are pseudonyms used by comic book writers and/or artists, for whatever reasons. As a joke or to hide the fact that they were working for one company from another company, it doesn't matter WHY, but just WHO each of the following 20 pseudonyms belong to. For each pseudonym, tell me the writer and/or artist who used that pseudonym.

1. Gary Michaels

2. Jed Corby

3. Robert Starr

4. Steven Mallory

5. Adam Austin

6. Al Stak

7. Sergius O'Shaugnessy

8. Farouk Ber Fakir

9. Floyd Kelly

10. Curtis Slarch

11. Herbert Fine

12. Frank Ray

13. Christian Volt

14. H. E. Arloff

15. Francis X. Bushmaster

16. Sam Meade

17. Steele Savage

18. Dutch Nireves

19. Lew Loger

20. Jay Noel

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