Tessa Thompson Would Totally Be Down to Play Alana in a Saga Movie


Tessa Thompson is currently blowing everyone's mind as the Marvel's newest badass here, Valkyrie, in Thor: Ragnarok . But while her story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly isn't over, Thompson has her eyes on playing another beloved comic book character: Alana, one of the main protagonists in Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples' Image Comics series, Saga. Thompson professed to being quite "obsessed" with the series when a fan on Twitter said she'd be perfect for the character, indicating she'd love to portray her in a theoretical film.

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In Saga, Alana is an army deserter on the run from an intergalactic war alongside her husband, Marko, and daughter Hazel. During their escapades, Alana and Marko lost Hazel to the evil group known as the Last Revolution. They spent years searching for their daughter, eventually finding her and reuniting their family.

Alas, both Vaughn and Staples have said they have no real desire to turn their series into a movie, so ultimately Thompson's desire may be a moot point. Until the pair have a change of heart and announce a Thompson-led adaptation, however, we can look at another of the actor's tweets using a picture of Alana to describe her mood for the day, and imagine what could be...

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