Tessa Thompson Knows Exactly Who Should Direct a Solo Valkyrie Movie


One of the intriguing new characters in Thor: Ragnarok was the drunken, downtrodden Valkyrie, brilliantly played by Tessa Thompson. The character's blend of humor and impressive action sequences made her an instant favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and some wondered whether the former Sakaar bounty hunter deserved her own film.

Should a solo film ever happen, Thompson wants her Creed II director Steven Caple Jr. to helm the project.

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Speaking at a Creed II screening and Q&A in London on Wednesday, Caple was asked if he would direct a movie for Marvel Studios. According to Anton Volkov of Trailer Track, Thompson saw the question as an opportunity to coerce Caple into directing her once again, but as Valkyrie in her own standalone film.

Of course, the Creed franchise has ties to the Marvel universe, as Ryan Coogler went on to direct Black Panther after revitalizing the Rocky franchise with Creed back in 2015. Michael B. Jordan, the lead in both Creed films, went on to play the evil Killmonger in Black Panther, while Thompson made waves in Thor: Ragnarok. Could Caple follow a similar path after finding critical success with Creed II? It's possible, but there are a few scenarios to consider.

First, the immediate success of Creed II (raking in the most money of any Rocky film over an opening weekend) almost guarantees a third installment, even with Sylvester Stallone announcing that his run as Rocky is over. Caple will likely be asked to direct the third film of what would then be a Creed trilogy. Thompson has found plenty of individual success herself, and would be busy with a third Creed film with Caple, but her comments on Wednesday certainly suggest she wants to see Valkyrie in a bigger role.

Avengers: Infinity War director Joe Russo confirmed that Valkyrie is still alive following Thanos' attack on the ship that escaped Thor's former home, so the MCU likely has future plans for the former Asgardian warrior, but would those plans be as grand as a solo film, or more a minor role in Avengers 4? What about both? Given how secretive Marvel Studios is being with Avengers 4 and other Phase Four projects, it's hard to tell.

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