Teshkeel Distributes Free issues of "The 99" To Retailers Nationwide

Official Press Release

New York City - Teshkeel Media Group, Inc., announced today that it will distribute two free 48-page issues of the award-award winning comic book series, THE 99, to comic book retailers across the US. One copy of the THE 99: ORIGINS, will be sent to every comic book retailer in the nation by July 25th, and select retailers will receive additional copies to give away to customers. In all, 40,000 free comics will be given away prior to the series official launch on October 17th.

"We know that one of the ways to achieve a strong relationship with retailers and comic book readers, is to provide as much preview information on new titles as possible," said Darren Kane, Director of Marketing for Teshkeel Comics, "these 48-page stand alone summer specials are an ideal way to preview our October regular series launch, and the quality of our title."

THE 99 series has already met with great success in international markets prior to its US debut. It has also received worldwide media coverage, from publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post and most recently the PBS news broadcast, Frontline.

"We spent the last year promoting THE 99 all over the globe," said Sven Larsen, Teshkeel's Chief Operating Officer, "and we are extremely excited to bring THE 99 to readers in the United States. We feel that our books are their own best advertising and the quality of our art and story will impress both retailers and consumers. This unique opportunity for everyone to sample our comics before ordering allows us to take full advantage of the incredible creative work done by our writers, Fabian Nicieza and Naif Al-Mutawa and our artist John McCrea. They're telling a really amazing story and we wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to read it."

The second free issue, THE 99: FIRST LIGHT, will be distributed to retailers in late August. Comic book retailers will be able to request additional copies of these free issues through Diamond Comic Distributors. "We want to make sure every retailer and comic book reader in the country gets to see these special issues," explained Kane, "That's why we've implemented this major promotion and that's also why we've placed additional stock at Diamond for retailers who want to get extra copies. They can contact their Diamond representative and they'll be able to place additional free comics in the hands of their loyal customers. They'll also get to see over 96 pages of story before placing their orders for THE 99 #1 (listed in the August Diamond Previews). As far as I know, it's one of the first times retailers and readers will have had that kind of exposure to a new series."

"This special giveaway and the story it promotes are just our first efforts in showing the American market that we're a different kind of comic book company," concluded Larsen, "in October, when our regular series debuts, everyone will get a chance to see that we're just getting started!"

THE 99: ORIGINS ships to comic books stores on July 23rd. THE 99 #1 goes on sale October 17th.

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