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Terry Moore talks “Echo,” “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane”

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Terry Moore talks “Echo,” “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane”
“Echo” #1 on sale March 5

In 2007, Terry Moore’s “Strangers In Paradise” (or “SiP,” as it is known) came to an end with issue #90. Moore wasted no time filling his schedule with new work, creator owned and otherwise, and this year will see him writing highly anticipated runs on Marvel Comics’ “Runaways” and “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.” Perhaps most auspiciously, March will mark the beginning of Moore’s new creator-owned book, “Echo.”  CBR News sat down with Moore to get the details.

“Echo” is the story of a young photographer named Julie Martin.  “Julie becomes the unwilling host to a symbiotic nuclear weapon, then decides to run rather than return it to the corrupt scientist who wants it back,” Terry Moore told CBR News.  “Her only allies are an adventurous park ranger and the spirit of a dead woman that echoes in her heart.” 

Moore describes Julie as a “caregiver” in her relationships, but stresses that as of the beginning of the series, all of those relationships are starting to fall apart.  “When the events of ‘Echo’ hit, Julie finds herself facing the challenges alone. That’s really the story I want to tell, one woman rising above this amazing challenge in her life.”

Pages from “Echo” #1

“Echo” is a brand new story, conceived by Moore after the culmination of his work on “Strangers in Paradise.”  “I was so focused on ‘SiP’ for the last couple of years, I couldn’t see wasting creative time on something else,” said the writer-artist.  “Last summer, I sat down and thought about what story I’d like to tell now that ‘SiP’ was out of my system.  ‘Echo; was the answer.”

Like “Strangers in Paradise,” Moore has chosen to make “Echo” a black and white comic book.  “I like the power of black and white, I think because I’m basically a cartoonist, so I see line not form,” Moore said.  “You look at the comic art of painters like Charles Vess and even with pen and ink they’re drawing light and form.  I see line and blacks.  It’s just the way I’m wired.  Plus, I can pretend it’s something noir.”

Pages from “Echo” #1

Moore told CBR News that his learning curve on “Strangers in Paradise” was unquantifiable.  “When I began ‘SiP,’ I was raw and ambitious,” Moore explained.  “That got me in the door but you have to grow if you want to stay in the business.”  Three years into the book that started his career, Moore received a call from one of his favorite writers, vaunted sci-fi author Harlan Ellison.  “He said, ‘You’re a good writer, kid, but you’ve got no fucking idea what to do with a comma.'”

Ellison provided Moore with a laundry list of reading material and more than a few pointers on professional writing.  “Having spent years concentrating on art and cartooning, I’d never thought about needing the skills of a professional writer,” Moore said.  “So many talented people are sitting at home because they can’t do the other 90 things required to be working professionals.  I’m aware of that and have tried to be open minded about the things I have to take on to get better and stay relevant on the public stage.”

Page from “Echo” #1, Echo print by Terry Moore

In addition to “Echo,” Moore said he is deep into writing both “Runaways” and “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.”  “Although with recent events in the Marvel Universe, they might want to rename my book ‘Spider-Man Loves What’s-her-name,'” Moore quipped, referring to the “One More Day” storyline in which reality was altered in such a way that Spider-Man does not love Mary Jane. Moore is contracted to write 12 issues of “Runaways” and “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane,” but he isn’t ruling out the possibility of extending his runs on either title when the time comes.

Moore will be releasing a new issue of “Echo” every six weeks.  “Every six issues will be collected into a softcover trade paperback,” Moore confirmed.  “And every 20 issues will be collected into Pocket Books for the book market, like the ‘SiP’ series.” 

The first issue of “Echo” hits stands on March 5.

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