Terry Moore Penning Pilot Script for Hulu Motor Girl Series

Acclaimed comic book creator Terry Moore has announced that he is currently writing the script for the pilot episode for a television adaptation of his previous series Motor Girl.

In a post on his Twitter account, Moore revealed that he is in the middle of penning the adaptation's screenplay for Hulu. There are no announced details for regarding the adaptation, including director, cast or expected start date, at this time.

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Debuting in November 2016, Motor Girl was created, written and illustrated by Moore running for ten issues published by Abstract Studio before concluding in November 2017. The series follows Sam Lockyear, an Iraq War veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder while adjusting to civilian life as an auto mechanic in the American Southwest. As a coping mechanism, Sam converses with her imaginary friend, Mike, an enormous gorilla, when the duo learn that the scrapyard Sam works at may be sold, leading to the sudden arrival of extraterrestrials.

The property is the second comic book title created by Moore currently in development, with Moore and Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman filmmaker Angela Robinson developing a film adaptation of Moore's longrunning, award-winning comic book series Strangers in Paradise.

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