Terry McGinnis Returns, Wally West Meets Wally West Plus More Highlights from DC's October Solicits

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The times, they are a-changin' in DC Comics' October 2016 solicitations. This fall, Terry McGinnis will return in Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang's "Batman Beyond" #1, and he isn't even the only major change headed to the DC Universe as we know it. Below, CBR has rounded up the biggest news coming out of DC's October solicits.

  • Terry McGinnis is back as Batman, but he isn't the only one making a grand return. The Jokerz will cause some mayhem for the Dark Knight in "Batman Beyond" #1, even as his friend Dana finds herself at the mercy of the new leader of the now-unified gang.

  • Now that he's officially a teenage, Damian has assumed a new role: leader of the Teen Titans. In "Teen Titans" #1, he will bring the team together, while his past threatens to destroy him.

  • Wally West, meet Wally West. The Kid Flash of Two Worlds will finally come together in "The Flash" #9, where the cousins meet for the very first time.

  • In "Cyborg" #2, classic Flash villain Kilg%re makes its "Rebirth" debut. Kilg%re hopes to purge Vic of his humanity.

  • "Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye" and "Shade, the Changing Girl" join the Young Animal imprint lineup.

  • "Action Comics" #965 shifts focus onto pre-"Flashpoint" Lois Lane, who takes action after she and Clark receive a mysterious package.

  • "Night of the Monster Men" reaches its conclusion in "Detective Comics" #942.

  • "Green Lanterns" #9 introduces the Phantom Ring, a force so powerful it forced a Guardian of the Universe into hiding.

  • Love is in the air in "Justice League" #6! Now that the League has a little downtime, rookie Green Lantern Jessica Cruz works up the courage to ask Barry Allen on a date.

  • "Harley's Little Black Book" #6 gets a special guest star: Lobo.

  • A new fad has hit Bedrock in "The Flintstones" #4. Fred and Wilma check out this newfangled thing called marriage by attending a marriage retreat.

  • "Mad Max: Fury Road" artist Brendan McCarthy joins "Doctor Fate" for its 17th issue.

  • Kiss your green crayons goodbye! Green Arrow is getting his very own adult coloring book, which will feature artwork by Neal Adams, Mike Grell, Andrea Sorrentino, Cliff Chiang, Jim Lee and others.

  • DC Comics will release more Michael Cho covers for DC's Golden, Silver and Bronze Age hardcover collections.

  • Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's "Wonder Woman" gets the Absolute treatment. This Absolute edition collects "Wonder Woman" #1-18 and #0.

  • Once upon a time, Justice League members Superman, Batman, Starman and Batgirl faced off against Predator, Terminators and other characters from Dark Horse Comics' pantheon of characters. The first volume of "DC/Dark Horse: Justice League" will collected these adventures into one convenient place.

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