Terry Crews Would Be 'Honored' to Play Marvel's Luke Cage in Netflix Series

Between his role on the Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine and film projects like The Expendables 3, Reach Me and Aztec Warrior, Terry Crews is a busy actor. However, he'd be sure to make time on his schedule to play superhero Luke Cage in Marvel's upcoming Netflix series.

Asked by Digital Spy whether that project may be in his future, Crews replied, "It could be, it could be. I'm waiting for a call from Marvel. I mean, I haven't heard anything, but if I could and it worked into the schedule ... but I have to say, that would be something I would be privileged and honored to do."

He compared Cage to Superman, and said he's excited to see the series, no matter who plays the character. Last year, he took himself out of the running for the role, explaining to Comic Book Resourrces that he had never been approached by Marvel. "Usually, when actors are talking about roles, it's for a part that's ready to happen," Crews said. "When I said that, it was about, 'Hey man, if Marvel hasn't said they're going to do it, why should I say I'm going to do it?' That was the whole thing."

Earlier this year, however, Crews expressed interest in the project again. “Like I said, anything can happen, I never rule anything out,” he said. “I’m game. There are no rules. What’s up, Marvel? I’m right here, baby. I ain’t goin’ nowhere. You know where I live!”

Details about the Luke Cage Netflix series have not been revealed, but the Daredevil is now filming in New York City.

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