Terry Crews Responds to 'Fans' Criticizing His Reaction to Being Sexually Assaulted

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When Terry Crews initially came forward about his own sexual assault experience, the actor's claims were treated as a joke by "fans" that failed to understand why the fit actor didn't simply attack his abuser. Now, following his testimonial before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this week, Crews is fighting back against those very fans.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Crews responded to the various questions he's been asked since coming forward with his own experience as part of the #MeToo movement. After the actor came forward with his case of abuse at the hands of WME partner Adam Venit, Crews revealed that not only did the abuse take place in a public setting, but it also took place in front of his wife, who had accompanied him to the event. While most have been compassionate towards Crews, who has been a vocal part of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, there were still many fans that wanted to know why Crews simply didn't beat up Venit in response. To which the actor simply responded with a simple sigh.

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For many, coming forward with a tale of abuse and/or harassment is difficult, not only because many immediately take to blaming the victim for allowing it to happen, but also because sexual assault stories shared by men are few and far between. This is one of the things Crews is hoping to change. While a majority of the #MeToo movement has focused on the actresses that suffered years of abuse at the hands of folks like Harvey Weinstein, only a handful of men have felt safe to come forward with their own cases of assault, most notably Star Trek Discovery's Anthony Rapp and, of course, Crews. While Rapp's account ultimately helped to lead to more victims coming forward regarding a certain actor, Crews has been forced to endure questions as to how a guy his size could be a victim when he could have simply knocked out his abuser.

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Of course, size doesn't necessarily mean safety or security. Nor does reporting a crime automatically make it so that you are believed, and that the point Crews appears to be trying to get across.

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