A Look At Terry, the Latest Smash Bros Character

It was recently announced that a fighting game legend is headed to Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

The next Super Smash Bros Ultimate character has been revealed and it is a fighting game veteran, Terry Bogard. The face of the Fatal Fury series and a mainstay of The King of Fighters series, SNK's mascot is a smart choice. The company is one of the most prevalent fighting game developers ever and Terry Bogard is arguably the most recognizable character in their roster. However, seeing as Terry is such an old character, many players don't know who this character is. (Just look at all the memes who think Terry is just an adult Pokemon Trainer.) So if you need a refresher on who Terry Bogard is, let's begin with his history.

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Terry Bogard was introduced in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters in 1991. He, along with his brother Andy and his friend Joe, enter the King of Fighters tournament in the city of South Town to get to the tournament's organizer, crime boss Geese Howard. 10 years earlier, Geese murdered Terry and Andy's father and they now intend to get revenge. In Fatal Fury 2, Terry enters the now worldwide King of Fighters tournament after the supposed death of Geese, unaware the tournament's new organizer, Wolfgang Krauser, is looking for the fighter who defeated Geese.

Terry returns in Fatal Fury 3, searching for Geese Howard, who surprisingly survived his encounter with Terry in the first game. Real Bout Fatal Fury, the next game in the series, sees Geese return to his former seat of power as the ruler of South Town and holding one final King of Fighters tournament to lure Terry out and get his revenge on him. Of course, it didn't work out. Terry eventually murders Geese by knocking him off his own tower and this scene is recreated in the Smash Bros. trailer.

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Terry also makes an appearance in the next two Real Bout Fatal Fury titles, as well as Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, but they are dream games with no story canon to the series and a 3D remake of the first game, respectively. In the final Fatal Fury game, Mark of the Wolves, Terry enters a new King of Fighters tournament 10 years after the (real) death of Geese Howard alongside his adoptive son, Rock Howard -- the son of Howard.

After Fatal Fury 2, Terry alongside other Fatal Fury characters started appearing in The King of Fighters series and it is here that most gamers may recognize him from as the series is ongoing to this day. He mostly serves as the leader of the Fatal Fury team, typically alongside Andy and Joe, and occasionally Mai Shiranui.

The King of Fighters series follows an alternative timeline from the Fatal Fury series, most noticeably one where Geese is still alive. As such, Terry often enters all of the King of Fighters tournaments either for the fun of it or to keep an eye on Geese should he be in that year's tournament.

Terry has made numerous appearances across many games over the years. Along with his upcoming appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, some highlights include the Capcom vs. SNK series, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, and more recently, Fighting EX Layer. The less said about the female version of Terry in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, the better.

Fighting Style

Terry, as the face of Fatal Fury, is your typical all-around fighter with a slight emphasis on offense. Many of his attacks serve to teach the player what type of attacks can be useful to attack or counter your opponent. His standard projectile, the Power Wave, travels across the ground. This move is the basis of most projectiles in the SNK universe and is quite different from the Capcom standard projectile, Ryu's Hadoken, which travels at high elevation. As a result, Terry's projectile cannot be ducked but is easier to jump over.

In some games, Terry also has another energy-based move called the Round Wave which isn't a projectile but is a blast of energy with a wide radius, making it perfect for ending combos, countering jump-in attacks, and defending against projectiles. His most seen super move, the Power Geyser, is similar to these moves as he punches the ground, to create a geyser of energy in the ground. The Triple Geyser has him make three geysers, one after the other.

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His Burning Knuckle attack is a punch attack where he leaps forward a great distance with his fist out, often knocking down the opponent from the sheer force of his punch and the inertia of his leap. It covers a lot of distance and is a useful way to get close to the opponent quickly. Whereas, his Crack Shoot attack is a flip kick that often hits twice and overhead, making it a great way to mix up the opponent as well as end combos.

Terry has an anti-air attack called the Rising Tackle, which has him flip up into the air with his fist out and his legs pointed upward, giving him maximum coverage. Some games replace this or place alongside it a move called the Power Dunk. Terry does a shoulder tackle in the air before punching the enemy back to the ground. It covers less space vertically, but it does move forward, making it more ideal for some jump-in situations.

Finally, the Buster Wolf, a super that essentially combines the Burning Knuckle with an explosive version of of the Round Wave. It covers a lot of ground so it can surprise an unsuspecting opponent, it's great to end combos with, but it's probably at its best for whiff punishment. Right before executing the move, he notoriously asks the opponent if they're okay. Then, when the move connects he exclaims the technique's name: "BUSTA WOLF!" Most likely, this will be Terry's Final Smash in the game. It may not be his classic super move. It wasn't introduced until Mark of the Wolves, the final Fatal Fury game. However, it's become his most popular super.

There are some later moves in his repertoire that are not as common. The Power Charge is a shoulder tackle that's good for ending combos. The Fire Kick, where he dashes in with a fiery kick low then mid, was really only useful for the games for which it was in as there were multiple planes of fighting. The Overheat Geyser is a super move that essentially combines the Power Charge, the Power Dunk, and Power Geyser.


Terry is known as The Legendary Hungry Wolf or sometimes just Legendary Wolf. He also gains the moniker Southtown Hero after Geese's death from the city's denizens. Terry travels by way of his motorcycle but for long trips or for places he can't take his motorcycle, he often resorts to hitchhiking or walking. This is due to him not having a full-time job, with only part-time gigs giving him money along the way. Because of this, sometimes his opponents will refer to him in combination with nickname as a lone wolf.

Terry Bogard has been subjected to some of the worst English mistranslations in SNK's and video game history. Terry is designed to be a stereotypical American, according to Japanese perception. Therefore, Terry is often given words that are meant to be traditional English sayings. Arguably the most notorious is one of his win quotes from Fatal Fury Special, the upgraded version of Fatal Fury 2: "Wubba, wubba. I'm in the pink today, boy!"

In the Fatal Fury timeline, there were only three King of Fighters tournaments: in Fatal Fury 1, Fatal Fury 2 / Special, and Real Bout Fatal Fury. Terry wins all three of them, making him the undisputed King of Fighters.

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