The Terrifics' Headquarters Was Just Attacked by a DC Comics Nazi Artifact

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Terrifics #3, by Jeff Lemire and Joe Bennett, on sale now.

In The Terrifics #3, the team comes to the realization that they are stuck together, whether they like it or not. Following their adventures in the Dark Multiverse, Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and Phantom Girl can no longer be apart from each other by more than a mile, lest they explode. It's not exactly the best circumstances under which to form a team, but the foursome has no other choice.

The only things they lack at this point are a secret headquarters and an enemy to bring them all together. The third issue of the series solves all that by giving them both a new base of operations, firm up their supporting cast, and introducing a new threat to put it all in danger.

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Mr. Terrific has been trying to get back to his lab for what seems like three issues now. Every time he attempts to leave, something new gets in his way. Now it's finally explained to him that he no longer has a lab to go back to. Back in the New 52 era, Michael Holt traveled to Earth 2 and joined up with the heroes of that world. While he was gone, Simon Stagg explains that he legally bought out Terrifitech and now owns everything Mr. Terrific left behind.

With nowhere left to go, Terrific has no choice but to settle into Stagg's own mansion with all his equipment already setup. It doesn't appear to be much trouble for him, though, because he settles in and gets right down to business in his lab. The rest of the team moves in for the time being, but it's not all a comfortable game of house. Rex Mason and Sapphire have a spat over her father. Terrific continues to be a big jerk when he's distracted by Phantom Girl.

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Like any premiere superhero team, The Terrifics need an enemy to fight, and just as they are settling down to figure out their situation, a new threat reveals itself. The War Wheel, a classic weapon from the DC Universe, shows up in the front yard and nearly lays waste to their new home. Only by working together (sort of) are they able to disable the weapon and save the day, but this is more than just the villain of the week.

The War Wheel was initially introduced to the DC Universe back in 1952, where it debuted in Blackhawk #56 as a Nazi weapon against the Allied Forces. Since its introduction, it has been associated with all manner of villainy and bad ideas. So who's pulling the weapon's strings this time? Why, Simon Stagg of course, but it's not immediately certain whether he set his toy against the heroes. Stagg claims he has a defense contract to develop a new version of the famous War Wheel, but someone prematurely activated the device and set it to attack mode.

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The question now is who was responsible for the attack. Was Stagg lying about his involvement, and is he actually trying to kill his new tenants? It would be no shock to see him on the wrong side of justice, even if he has the approval of the American military this time around. Did Java, Stagg's caveman assistant do the dirty work, and now he gets stuck cleaning up the mess? The mystery doesn't seem to be at the forefront of the book's story, but don't be surprised if other odd happenings take place very soon.

Now that the day has been saved, our heroes can finally concentrate on team bonding. After all, a team that likes each other is more likely to fight better and not be at each others throats while they wait in line for the shower. Rex, Plas, and Phantom Girl are all ready to drop their guard, but Mr. Terrific remains determined to keep the others at arm's length.

Will this team ever learn to work together? Can Mr. Terrific finally fine the time to investigate Tom Strong? Will anyone ever agree on a team name? Find out next time.

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