Terrible Lizard #3

Story by
Art by
Drew Moss
Colors by
Ryan Hill
Letters by
Cover by
Oni Press

Jess and Wrex are on the run... from the military... and from Jess's father! The T-Rex has been targeted for death. If Jesse wants to save her friend, she'll have to find a place to lay low. But where do you hide a massive, rambunctious dinosaur... especially when mutant monsters are chomping at his prehistoric heels?

Bunn told CBR News, "With TERRIBLE LIZARD, I wanted to tell a wild science fantasy monster story that could be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. This is the story of a spirited girl, Jess, and her equally spirited T-Rex companion, Wrex. Together, the two go on a rampage, but only because they're being hunted by the military and hounded by strange, mutated beasts who seem to spawn in Wrex's vicinity. This story is a tribute to Harryhausen movies, Godzilla flicks, and those favorite childhood pets who seemed to have magical qualities."

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