Terra #2

Story by
Art by
Amanda Conner
Colors by
Paul Mounts
Letters by
Travis Lanham
Cover by
DC Comics

Picking right up from last month's debut issue, "Terra" #2 wastes no time with backtracking or bringing the reader up to speed, but just jumps right into the DC Universe face first. Palmiotti and Gray do a splendid job of bringing many pieces of the DCU together -- from Geo-Force to Power Girl to Silver Banshee -- while adding new ripples to the DCU pond, namely Gorsedd and Richard from issue #1.

The art is standard fare Amanda Conner comic book goodness. Conner has a fun time drawing this book and it shows -- from the opening sequence with its subtly posed figures in "Austin Powers" tribute, or the keen sense of detail shown in Dr. Mid-nite's lab. Even if this book were scrubbed of color and letter, the visual would still carry an amazing sense of fun.

Mounts is impressive in his application of color to Conner's world. Most colorists would struggle to find variation and energy in earth tones, but Mounts do so with flair and panache. His rendering of ground and metal, especially, allows his full range of skill to breathe.

Overall, the book does little to truly advance the character and her development, but it does try to find ways to cement her into the DCU properly. I do not feel any further emotionally invested in the character after reading two issues than I did after I first saw a sketch of the character over a year ago. That said, I do think Gray and Palmiotti have a unique take on the DCU that really hasn't been (pardon the pun) mined since the adventures of Cave Carson way, way, way back when. The concept of subterranean adventures is an area with great potential and once Gray and Palmiotti finish setting the table, I am certain this book will shine a little brighter. They only have 2 more issues to pull it together though.

New titles in the DCU would stand to do well by paying attention to how this book integrates itself. Gray and Palmiotti bring a knowledge of the DCU (and bravery to use that knowledge) to this title featuring a character that could easily be self-published elsewhere. By using Power Girl in this story (PG learns Terra's "true" name as the two seem poised to become pals) Gray and Palmiotti are building their own little corner of the DCU, if nothing else.

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