<i>Terminator</i> Pitch Calls For Original Cast; Arnold May Do Drama First

As a man who's always true to his word, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. The former California governor left office and immediately got back to his old ways. First he booked what will most certainly be an epic-scale transmedia disaster with The Governator. Then Fast Five director Justin Lin attached the actor to a pitch for a new Terminator movie. Now it seems that the return of his sunglasses-wearing killer robot -- assuming it happens (it probably will) -- will be left to wait while Schwarzenegger takes on the drama Cry Macho.

The actor's first post-politics gig will be a much more sensible affair, Vulture reports. The world isn't ending, robots aren't trying to wipe out humanity, nothing like that. Based on the 1975 novel by the late playwright N. Richard Nash, Cry Macho follows a recently fired horse trainer who turns to crime in his post-employment life. He kidnaps his former boss's 11-year-old son to earn some scratch with a side of revenge, only things don't go to plan when the boss' ex-wife turns out to be fine with letting her little rascal go.

As it turns out, however, the Terminator return may actually be something that's worth getting excited about. Latino Review's Dave "Da7e" Gonzalez reports that the Lin pitch, which bears the title Terminator 2012, is built around bringing in "the entire original cast." If you don't know why that's something to be excited about, then you probably ought to go and watch the first two Terminator movies again.

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