"Terminator: Genisys" Infiltrates Triple H's Wrestlemania 31 Entrance

Ahead of a gloriously overbooked match, filled with twists, turns and guest stars galore, WWE's Executive Vice President Triple H kicked things off by recruiting some unexpected help in getting a leg up in the mind games he and Sting have been playing for the past month.

After the WCW icon made his way to the ring for his first -- and possibly only -- ever match in a WWE ring, Skynet took over the Wrestlemania entrance, scanning the roster as multiple T-800s stood on either side of the 13-time World Heavyweight Champ as he prepared to enter the ring. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame just a day earlier, eventually took over the screen, endorsing Triple H and declaring it Judgement Day for the Stinger.

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