Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #1

Story by
Art by
Ray Snyder, Jamal Igle
Colors by
Moose Baumann
Letters by
Nate Piekos
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

"Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy" #1 reunites the one-time creative team of "Firestorm" as Dan Jolley writes and Jamal Igle draws the story of ex-CIA operative turned mercenary, Farrow Greene. Unfortunately for Greene, her latest assignment is in the crosshairs of a T-800 Terminator. Which leads to two hunters squaring off or their common prey.

Building on the premise that most of the readers picking up a "Terminator" comic book have assimilated an inkling of the mythology surrounding the Skynet creations, Jolley doesn't wallow in the hows and whats of the Terminator arriving in 1985 Gooseneck, New York. The writer gets right to his story, introducing readers to Farrow Greene as she covers her trail and uncovers someone else's. From the first scene, Jolley makes it clear that Greene is not someone to mess with, even if readers really have to study the remainder of "Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy" #1 to begin to understand why. Greene isn't this series' Sarah Connor; she's outside of the primary threat, but perhaps an auxiliary to the fate of the T-800's victim or murder.

Jamal Igle packs the detail into every panel and every page. Corded phones and shoulder pads, 1980s style is present as are other details, like the World Trade Center gracing the establishing shot of the New York skyline. Throughout "Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy" #1, Igle doesn't skimp on details. He doesn't simply draw a flat-ish floor and leave the detail, texture and tone to his colorist, Moose Baumann, to pick up, he draws a hardwood floor with alternating planks that has some grain to it, cutting Baumann's job out for him. While Igle does a fine job building and detailing this world, I'm not sure why the T-800's first victim is driving in the dark in sunglasses, but it is 1985 and maybe he was listening to Corey Hart. Back on track, Igle's rendition of the T-800 is close enough in approximation to Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance for readers to complete that presentation. The visuals latch on to the premise Jolley builds from and extends that presumed familiarity to the readers. Igle is quite successful in this endeavor as this comic looks and feels as though the adventure and the comic itself could be occurring contemporaneously with 1984's "The Terminator."

"Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy" #1 is another solid offering in Dark Horse's stable of Terminator comic books. This one offers adventure and tension, same as the original movie, but throws in a noteworthy mystery surrounding Farrow Greene as she chases her quarry, Elise Fong. This story doesn't have the gravitas that Sarah Connor's adventures did, but this is the first issue. Certainly bigger and more explosive days are ahead following the inaugural chapter of "Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy."

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