<i>Terminator 5</i> Tracks Down Writers

Production seems to be moving fast on the planned Terminator 5. A month and a half after it was announced, the upcoming Terminator sequel has landed two writers.

Deadline has learned that Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis have been signed to write the movie. They each bring something different to the table, as Kalogridis is the woman behind Shutter Island and Alexander and Lussier penned Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine. Interestingly enough, both writers had already been hired by Skydance, the company behind Terminator 5, to write an original science fiction/adventure film, and then it was decided that they would be brought on board this as well.

Terminator 5 is supposed to launch a new series Terminator films to “finish The Terminator‘s humanity vs. the Skynet cyborgs storyline with a new series of films." At least the title character is back: Not long after Terminator 5 was first announced, it was confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger would reprise his role in that movie and perhaps even a sixth. He later elaborated about the project in an interview with Empire magazine, via Comic Book Movie.

"I think producer Megan Ellison owns the rights to Terminator 16, or whatever it is. Yes, five. They have been trying to put a script together but I've not seen it, so I've no idea," he said before the screenwriter news was announced. "There's nothing on the drawing board at this point. Nothing on the plan."

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