<i>Terminator 5</i> Back On Track, Gains <i>Jack Reacher</i> Producer

A new Terminator movie is on the way, and no, it's not the one we've been hearing about for ages from Justin Lin. Now that he's off the project, producer Megan Ellison has finally nailed down the rights to the Terminator franchise and plans to revitalize it with a new series. She's enlisted some pretty exciting help, too: Her producing brother David Ellison, the man who helped bring Jack Racher, Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol and Star Trek Into Darkness to life.

According to Deadline, the producing siblings have added the help of executive producers Dana Goldberg, Paul Schwake and Ted Schipper to help bring the movie to the big screen. Megan Ellison at one point had the first two movies in her planned new Terminator series mapped out when Lin was still on board, but is now "starting from scratch as they seek out a screenwriter to plot the end."

The plan with this new series is to "finish The Terminator's humanity vs. the Skynet cyborgs storyline with a new series of films," though it's unclear if the films will include Arnold Schwarzenegger. Considering the fact that he's returning to his Conan the Barbarian roots in The Legend of Conan, we don't see why he wouldn't consider this project as well.

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