'Terminator 3' comic gets an upgrade

Official Press Release

[Terminator 3]Beckett Comics has given the Terminator an upgrade, enhancing the cover to the first issue of Terminator 3: Before the Rise at absolutely no cost to retailers or fans.

Written by Ivan Brandon from a story concept by Jeff Amano, Before the Rise chronicles the story of a band of desperate freedom fighters in the future, waging a war against SkyNet and its unstoppable army of mechanical murderers.

The cover to the first issue is by Amano. "This isn't a gimmick or a ploy to pump people for more money," he says. "We came up with a way to make the cover cooler and more dynamic, so we're doing it. There's no extra cost to the reader. I look at a cover enhancement as part of the art - you're not paying extra for the art, so why should you pay extra for the cool effects?

"We're doing this as an artistic decision, not a financial one. It'll make the cover jump off the stands."

The cover, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger's TerminatorĀ® character, will be sculpted and embossed with spot UV coating and holographic foil stamping. All of this at absolutely no cost to anyone except Beckett.

Future covers will feature the talents of Essad Ribic and Simon Bisley.

Every issue of the T3 series is published in the 48-page, squarebound "bookshelf" format. The first two issues of the ongoing series is the official and exclusive prequel to the movie, the next two issues is a movie adaptation from a different perspective including "deleted scenes never filmed" and then moving beyond it.

The first issue of Terminator 3: Before the Rise is scheduled to be in stores in June, a month before the movie hits theaters on July 2.

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