Tenth Time Around

Yep, so it's come to this...TEN years of Comics Should Be Good! Ten years ago today this little ol' blog was started up.

This year, I thought something sort of special would be to have new pieces by the other three guys who formed the blog with me back then - Joe Rice, Alex Cox and Paul Teel.

In addition, in honor of the types of pieces we did back in the earliest days, I did a new "This Comic Is Good" piece, as well.

Click on any piece to read it!

Brian Cronin - This Comic Is Good "Sisters"

Joe Rice - Mission Accomplished

Alex Cox - How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Ignore the Internet

Paul Teel - A Review of Manhattan Projects in Exchange for Chex Mix

Thanks a lot for the blast from the past, guys!

And, of course, thanks to our CURRENT writers, as well! Our two Gregs (Burgas and Hatcher), Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Sonia Harris, Melissa K., Mark Ginocchio, Alec Berry, and Matt Derman.

Plus past contributions from Kaitlin Tremblay, Bill Reed, MarkAndrew, Ken H., Connie C., Scott, Brad Curran, Danielle Leigh, Alex, Joe, Megan Parker, Michelle, Melinda, Paul Teel, Pol, Paul McEnery, Tadhg, Tom, Chad, Christopher, Harvey and Marionette.

Plus, of course, the features we host here (or have hosted), like Sean and Brandon's Comic Critics, Kelly and Sue's 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast, Dean Trippe's The Good Stuff, John Seavey's Storytelling Engines, Kethylia's Manga Mondays, Lorendiac's Lists, The Line it is Drawn and Al and Paul's House to Astonish!

Thanks to Jonah for hosting the blog at Comic Book Resources and to Stephen, Albert, Kiel, Rob and Steve for keeping everything running smoothly (and thanks to Andys Khouri and Liegl for their past efforts)!

Thanks to our readers and, of course, on a personal note, thanks to the folks who bought both my first and my second book!

And thanks to anyone else that I forgot to thank!

These past ten years have been a blast, and I hope...okay, I'm pretty darn certain that the fun will not stop any time soon.

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