TenNapel introduces the magical world of Nnewts

Following up on his odd-but-awesome webcomic Ratfist, which completed its run last year and has since been collected by Image Comics, Doug TenNapel has launched a new webcomic for your reading enjoyment, Nnewts. It's about, well, Nnewts, whose lives are "full of adventure, with a little bit of magic." TenNapel plans to update it with one page every week.

"Nnewts is a story I’ve been working on for over 15 years. I never thought it would be ready to tell, so I plunked away it in the borders of my sketchbooks until some day when I was much older, I’d roll it out proper. That didn’t happen," TenNapel said. "Instead, my buddy Ethan Nicolle and I were talking about comics over a pint and a pipe (as usual) when I told him I was thinking about doing a webcomic. He said, 'You should do that NEWTS project as a webcomic.' I sat there thinking of all the reasons why I couldn’t do it, no room in my schedule being the biggest reason. Then he said, 'You could do a page a week, no problem.' In 15 seconds he took away every excuse I had not to make this comic. It all made sense to me."

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