Ten tips for would-be webcomickers

If your new year's resolution is "Start that webcomic," stop by All About Manga today and read Tamar Curry's tips for beginners. (Despite the name of the blog, this post does not refer solely to manga.)

Curry speaks from experience: He writes and draws the fantasy webcomic Lumia's Kingdom, and his previous credits include Blue Zombie and Silent Journey. He has been making webcomics since 2002, so he has probably learned some of these lessons the hard way.

While it's true that anyone with a computer and a bit of enthusiasm can start a webcomic, it's also true that the vast majority of webcomics are poorly drawn, languish in obscurity, or are abandoned after a few episodes. Curry offers solid, nuts-and-bolts advice to help creators avoid that Bermuda Triangle of awfulness, from the creative (draw as often as you can — and remember that consistency is more important than intricacy in the long run) to the logistical (know your hosting service — and have a backup plan in case something happens to them). And his advice about web design (make it easy for readers to find your comic, and don't load up your site with animation and music) should be engraved on the entrance to the internet.

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