Temptation’s Page Winner Revealed!

Okay, folks, here are the results!

Read on to see which entrant won!

First, here's how the results were decided.

In effect, there was a panel of four "people," with each "person" having an equal vote. The "people" were made up of different groups of judges.

The groups were:

1. Andy Diggle, the writer of the script (being the writer of the page in question, Andy got the biggest say).

2. The public ballots - a ton of you folks came out to vote! Thanks!

3. Comics Should Be Good bloggers/artists - Me, Bill Reed, Chad Nevett and Kelly Thompson, as well as two of our The Line It Is Drawn regular artists, Caanan Grall and Mic Magtanong.

4. A group of veteran comic book professionals. I wanted to have a nice mix of different specialties, so I asked the following to participate (and they were all kind enough to do so):

Blond - Awesome longtime colorist for DC, Marvel and Top Cow. Currently coloring Supergirl for DC (here's his website).

Keith Champagne - Cool writer and acclaimed inker (here's his website).

Chris Eliopoulos - Cool writer and artist and one of the greatest letterers in comic history (here's his website).

Bob Greenberger - Writer and a tremendously awesome editor for DC Comics for years (here's his website).

Ty Templeton - Acclaimed writer, penciler, inker - a veritable jack of all trades (here's his website)!

Each group had a composite "top five" (except Andy, of course, who just had his actual top five). You'd be amazed at the variety of the lists. Twenty-one different artists received at least one vote from a blogger or a pro. Ten different artists made it on to the composite top fives.

Once again, here's the page they were drawing:

PAGE 61) The Killer FIRES right at us with the other Uzi; a deep perspective, in-yer-face image --


2) Batman DIVES through a narrow serving hatch which leads from the back of the living room into the kitchen; the trail of bullet impacts tracks him relentlessly --

3) Over the shoulder shot. The Killer aims into the darkened, open doorway of the kitchen. Blackness within.


4) Same angle. The Killer swings the weapon to the right, now aiming through the open bedroom doorway - straight at the BABY GIRL, who stands in her cot, watching quietly, oblivious as to what’s about to happen...



5) The Killer FIRES - just as Batman SWINGS IN from the kitchen door-frame, KICKING the Uzi aside! It fires wild, up and away --

KILLER(off-panel right).OH YEAH ...

6) Batman delivers a powerful and precise STRAIGHT-LEG KICK, his body tilted back to line up perfectly along the line of force, delivering every foot-pound of pressure straight into the Killer’s abdomen. The Killer flies back as if his butt was tied to a speeding car, the machine pistol spinning from his hand --

7) The Killer CRASHES back into a coffee table --

Here are the top five...

5. Dominike Stanton

4. Alfredo Lopez

3. Rebecca Gunter*

Rebecca was close to the top two, but the top two themselves were extremely close to each other, but the end result was...

2. Mannix Francisco

1. Gerard Straker

Other artists who received votes in the composite top fives were: Chris Fequiere, Daniel Flores, Peter Fodor, Noor Rahman and AJ Ryan.

Congrats to Gerard and all of the artists who entered! Thanks to our judges for their votes! Thanks to everyone who cast a ballot!

Keep an eye on this space for the announcement for the next Temptation's Page!

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