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Temptation’s Page #1 – Batman Confidential #1, Page 6

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Temptation’s Page #1 – Batman Confidential #1, Page 6

Here’s a new comic book art contest! In the comments section recently, people were discussing how it is interesting to see different comic book artists interpreting the same comic book script. So it struck me that that would be a cool idea for a contest!

So I’ll put up one page from a comic book script by a notable comic book writer. If you want to participate, you will then draw that page and e-mail it to me at by Saturday, March 5th. On Sunday, March 6th, I’ll post all the pages people have sent in. Then the readers will vote on who they think did the best job on the page (I might do a secret panel, as well, but there will definitely be a public voting option). Sounds fun, right?

Well, read on to see the first page, courtesy of Andy Diggle’s script for Batman Confidential #1 (which is, itself, courtesy of Andy’s website).

NOTE: You don’t have to include the text at all. You don’t have to ink the pages and you don’t have to color the pages. You can do any and all of that if you’d like, but all that is required is to do pencils for the page (that said, do make sure to make room for the text).

First, here’s the set-up for this page.

Batman has entered an apartment after a woman has been murdered. Her baby is unharmed. However, Batman then realizes that the killer is still there. The killer bursts out of a closet and shoots at Batman with a pair of uzis. The killer wears

black gloves, “urban camo” combat pants, a bomber jacket, and a fearsome hockey mask sprayed with gray zebra stripes.

That leads us into the following page:

1) The Killer FIRES right at us with the other Uzi; a deep perspective, in-yer-face image —


2) Batman DIVES through a narrow serving hatch which leads from the back of the living room into the kitchen; the trail of bullet impacts tracks him relentlessly —

3) Over the shoulder shot. The Killer aims into the darkened, open doorway of the kitchen. Blackness within.


4) Same angle. The Killer swings the weapon to the right, now aiming through the open bedroom doorway – straight at the BABY GIRL, who stands in her cot, watching quietly, oblivious as to what’s about to happen…



5) The Killer FIRES – just as Batman SWINGS IN from the kitchen door-frame, KICKING the Uzi aside! It fires wild, up and away —

(off-panel right)

6) Batman delivers a powerful and precise STRAIGHT-LEG KICK, his body tilted back to line up perfectly along the line of force, delivering every foot-pound of pressure straight into the Killer’s abdomen. The Killer flies back as if his butt was tied to a speeding car, the machine pistol spinning from his hand —

7) The Killer CRASHES back into a coffee table —

There you have it, folks! You have two weeks to e-mail me your pages! That’s a goodly amount of time to draw a single page, right?

Remember, e-mail your pages to me (as JPEGs) at

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