Temple Run #4

Story by
Art by
Tony Vargas
Colors by
Diego Rodriguez
Letters by
Deron Bennett
Cover by
Ape Entertainment


The Chosen Ones: Part 4

Guy has escaped the pack of screeching demon monkeys that were chasing him. Or has he simply led them all straight to Scarlett and her team? You can bet it's the latter!

As the group struggles to escape the temple, they begin to discover that their current predicament and situation is far stranger than they could have ever guessed!

Join us on this pulse pounding path of peril that expands the world of the TEMPLE RUN app game!

And don't peek ahead to the shocking last panel! You will want that to be a surprise!

Temple Run is a ™ and © of Imangi Studios, LLC. © 2013 Imangi Studios. All rights reserved.

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