Telltale's Walking Dead Video Game Character Could Appear in AMC Show

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Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead” video game adaptation has seen three successful seasons, but it always seemed only slightly connected to the other comic books, television series and games in the franchise. However, some revelations from “The Walking Dead: New Frontier” have some thinking that might be about to change.

Skybound Editorial Director Sean Mackiewicz’s recent response in the letter column for "The Walking Dead" #163 hints at as much. The letter writer, Matthew Friesen, asked about the possibility of Telltale’s main protagonist Clementine making her way to the AMC show or comics, noting that she has recently met Paul “Jesus” Monroe, a character that appears in both the comic book series and television show.

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In his letter, Friensen wrote,

Hello team!

With 'New Frontier' (episode 1 and 2) being released, and seeing as how Clementine and Jesus end up crossing paths, can you give and details on the [likelihood] of Clementine showing up in the comic or the TV show? Obviously the characters in the comic book are not frozen in time when they are not being written about (could you imagine?) and the events between Clementine and Jesus could happen ‘off screen,’ but as you have said that 'New Frontier' and the comic are around the same time frame, it seems if there were a time to introduce her (in the comic) it would be soon. A reappearing character would be nice (fingers crossed!!), but even a single appearance would be amazing!


Matthew Friesen

Mackiewicz’s response isn’t exactly a wink and a nod that anything is in the works (in fact, it sounds like Clementine’s inclusion in other "The Walking Dead" media is fairly low on the list of priorities), but it leaves enough wiggle room for fans of the game to hold onto some hope:

Telltale’s latest installment of their ['The Walking Dead'] game series, 'The New Frontier,' occurs during the time jump after ['The Walking Dead'] #126. So a lot could happen before she ever appeared. And that’s not me trying to be coy. I have no idea… yet. It takes time to write those things.

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While there is some hope for Team Clementine yet, don’t hold your breath waiting for the next child actor casting call. Like Mackiewicz said, if a Clementine cameo is in the works, it will only be after a lot of writing and hard scrutinizing over the already dizzying “The Walking Dead” timeline.

Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” game series is currently in its third season, with new episodes releasing every month, and is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

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