Walking Dead Video Game Star Will Never Cross Over with the Show

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When Telltale's story-focused The Walking Dead debuted in 2012, the video game was lauded for its tense atmosphere and complex characters. Perhaps the most praiseworthy characterization in the game was that of Clementine, the eight-year-old zombie apocalypse survivor who would go on to become the series' central protagonist. While fans have remained hopeful that Clementine would make the jump to one of the many other Walking Dead media series, Robert Kirkman, the franchise creator himself, has officially shot down any such possibility.

"No," Kirkman said at a panel for Comic-Con International in San Diego. "I like that if you want to play The Walking Dead video game, you get Clementine, and you get a unique experience."

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Earlier this year Skybound Editorial Director Sean Mackiewicz hinted there was a possibility that Clementine was slated to appear in one of the two AMC television shows, The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead. Kirkman's dismissal of the idea is the first firm denial from the company, and seems to be the last word on the subject. Kirkman recently reaffirmed that he has an ending in mind for the Walking Dead comic series. So, if the franchise creator is going to change his mind about Clementine, he's going to have to do it soon.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is the latest installment in Telltale's Walking Dead game series. A New Frontier ran for five episodes from December 20, 2016 to May 30, 2017.

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