Telltale releases "Bone" Director's Cut editions

Official Press Release

SAN RAFAEL, CA - Interactive entertainment pioneer Telltale, Inc. today announces the immediate availability of Director's Cut editions of the first two titles in its episodic series of Bone video games. These new versions of Bone: Out from Boneville and Bone: The Great Cow Race can now be purchased from Telltale's website at http://www.telltalegames.com/bone.

To celebrate the release, Telltale is introducing a limited-time pricing offer. Through January 7, 2007, customers can buy downloadable versions of both Bone games together for $19.99. When purchased separately, the games sell for $12.99 each. CD versions of the Director's Cuts, which can be ordered now for $17.99 each, will ship in mid-January.

Customers who have already purchased the Bone games from Telltale can upgrade to the new versions for no additional charge. Instructions for doing so are available at http://www.telltalegames.com/bone/upgrade.

The Bone saga centers on three cousins – Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone – who find themselves in a mysterious valley after being run out of their hometown of Boneville. As they search for a way back home, their fates become entangled with the secret history of the valley and with a sinister force scheming in the surrounding mountains.

The Director's Cuts were created in close collaboration with Jeff Smith, creator of the Bone graphic novels, and include updates to the core game engine and the addition of new content. Features include:

A new animated prologue at the beginning of Out from Boneville, which provides backstory and establishes the episode in a larger context.

Updated voice acting and character model for female protagonist Thorn in Out from Boneville, to more closely resemble her characterization in The Great Cow Race.

Technical improvements, such as scalable resolutions and better game stability.

Added dialogue lines to improve story flow and enhance character development.

"I'm finding that Telltale's interactive titles are a really effective storytelling medium," says Jeff Smith. "It's been fun to work with the team to bring more and more of the Bone saga to life with additional textures, shadings, and nuances."

"We've learned a lot about making episodic games since Out from Boneville came out," says Telltale CTO Kevin Bruner. "In the Director's Cut editions, we've brought the Bone games into our updated game engine and also made some content changes that we weren't able to do the first time around. The great thing about digital distribution is that it's really easy for us to get these improvements out, not only to new customers, but also to all of the customers who have already bought the Bone games."

Telltale released Bone: Out from Boneville in 2005 to kick off its new breed of episodic interactive entertainment, followed by The Great Cow Race in 2006. Hailed by reviewers and educators as charming, engaging, and entertaining, the Bone books on which these games are based have become the flagship of the new Graphix line from Scholastic Books, one of the world's largest book publishers.

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