Telltale Games Is Being Revived, Batman & Wolf Among Us to Return

In September 2018, Telltale Games shut down after being hit with a massive wave of layoffs. However, the company is now being revived, and it's bringing two of its most popular titles with it.

According to Polygon, Telltale's assets were purchased by LCG Entertainment. However, while the company plans to sell some of Telltale's back catalog and produce new content, it's retaining the licensee rights to The Wolf Among Us and Batman, as well as some of its original content. Additionally, LCG could pursue other expired licenses.

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Sadly, while some of the previously unfinished Telltale stories could pick up where they left off, the most popular Telltale game, The Walking Dead, has since been purchased by Skybound. Furthermore, the planned Stranger Things game is no longer on the table as those rights reverted back to Netflix.

"This is a viable business that went away due to market conditions and some scale choices [Telltale’s previous management] made," John Ottilie, the new co-head of Telltale said. "I like games that tell stories and I think our industry should have a company that specializes in narrative-driven games."

As for the future of Telltale, Ottilie said, "We will probably keep the concept of episodes but with different pacing. This is a different world, from a media consumption standpoint. We need to look at how people like to entertain themselves. I like the idea of binge watching."

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While it remains to be seen when Telltale officially returns, LCG Entertainment plans to offer freelance roles to some of those who were affected by the aforementioned layoffs, with the possibility of full-time roles in the future.

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