Former Telltale Games Employee Files Class Action Complaint

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Telltale Games may be going out of business, but the company's problems continue. An ex-employee has filed a class-action complaint in California federal court. The lawsuit claims the company violated the state’s WARN Act by failing to provide 275 laid-off employees with the legally required 60-days notice.

The complaint is asking for a judgment in court compelling Telltale to pay any wages, salaries, 401k contributions and any other money the 200-plus workers would have normally earned during the 60-day time period, reports Kotaku.

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This motion comes in the wake of the staff-wide meeting where Telltale announced not only the mass layoffs, but also that there would be no severance paid out to its workers. It's even more complicated for contract workers who weren't employed full-time, as they won't have the option to collect unemployment.

It’s unclear at this time how many former employees have or will join in the lawsuit and whether it will be successful. Plaintiffs and ex-employees are remaining anonymous as they look for work elsewhere in the gaming industry.

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The WARN Act includes several exceptions, including certain instances in which a company is seeking to acquire new business or capital that would allow it to keep running normally. The exception is meant to acknowledge that notifying employees of a potential shutdown could jeopardize those deals.

Telltale is being sued in this case for violating state and federal WARN regulations.

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