Telltale Debuts "The Wolf Among Us" Launch Trailer

Easily one of the most anticipated comic book games of the year, Telltale Games' "The Wolf Among Us" will soon get into the hands of both "Fables" fans and gamers. The first episode of the episodic gaming series hits for digital download on October 11 for PC and Xbox 360 (October 15 for PlayStation 3), and the studio has released a launch trailer to tease what's in store for those who choose to head into the world of Fabletown.

"It's taking stuff we knew from the books and putting another twist on it, and do something a little bit interesting," Telltale Games director Dennis Lenart told CBR at PAX Prime earlier this year. "Since we're all familiar with the books and familiar with all the story lines, for us it wouldn't be fun just to retell that stuff. Same thing with the locations: we wanted to find interesting and new areas to take the familiar characters that you know and put them into a different environment to see how they act."


Check out the trailer below and be sure to take a look at CBR's hands-on impressions of "The Wolf Among Us" from this year's PAX Prime.

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