Telltale CEO Teases "The Walking Dead" Sequel, "Fables"

Telltale Games made a big splash into comic book video games last year with the critically acclaimed "The Walking Dead" video game, which was praised by fans and critics alike for its faithful representation of the spirit and artistic sensibilities of the source material. While the first season of the episodic adventure game has concluded, the video game publisher has already announced the intent to produce a second season -- but that's not all the comic book goodness in the pipeline. At last week's DICE Summit in Las Vegas, IGN spoke with Telltale co-founder and CEO Dan Connors about how the success of "The Walking Dead" will drive the studio moving forward, especially as relates to a second season.

"We've announced that we're doing a second season of The Walking Dead. That's going to be a big part of what we're putting people to work on this year," Connors told IGN. "Right now it's about figuring out the right way to approach the story, the right way to handle this that's going to work for what we're trying to accomplish and give it legs. Certainly we believe there are more stories to tell in 'The Walking Dead's' universe. The show continues to be huge. People understand what we're doing. We're going to continue to work on it. It's a rich world for what we're trying to do. We still have a lot of ideas to explore in that world."

Beyond "The Walking Dead," Telltale's long-awaited adventure game based on Bill Willingham's "Fables" (announced two years ago) is still in the pipeline, but it won't be named after the long-running DC/Vertigo series.

"We're based on the property, but we'll have a new name," Connors said of "Fables." "We haven't announced it yet. We're still hammering it out. We want to make sure that people know it's associated with the DC comic and Bill's work and everything else. It's delicate. But it won't be called 'Fables.' With 'Fables,' or the game associated with the comic 'Fables,' it kind of... 'Walking Dead' has had a huge impact on the company as far as how we look at things and how we do what we do. We're taking a lot of what we learned from that and making sure that 'Fables' can execute on the same things. That's taking longer. But we're definitely in full production on it. We're working hard. It's coming together really well. We'll probably have more to talk about on it pretty soon, with a name and everything else, in the near future."

Telltale's official "Fables" game website isn't much more than a placeholder for the game, and features only the ability to join a mailing list for game updates.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on "The Walking Dead" season two and the unnamed "Fables" game.

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