Telltale Begins Distribution of Second "Sam & Max" Episode

Official Press Release

SAN RAFAEL, CA – Interactive entertainment pioneer Telltale Inc. has continued its drive for unique and compelling gaming experiences with the delivery of the second episode in the innovative Sam & Max series. Canine shamus Sam and his rabbity-thing sidekick Max, the Freelance Police, are back on the case in their new episode, entitled "Situation: Comedy," which Telltale is now distributing to customers worldwide from http://www.telltalegames.com.

"Situation: Comedy" takes Sam & Max into the daunting world of broadcast television and the even more daunting talons of talk show host Myra Stump. Telltale is on track for delivering the remaining four episodes of Sam & Max: Season 1 each month through this spring.

"When we started our company a few short years ago, we had a vision for creating a completely new kind of experience," says Telltale CEO Dan Connors. "It's been exciting to reach this monthly episodic delivery milestone so quickly. People have been responding very positively to the idea of getting engaging, interactive stories delivered to them on a regular basis."

Game designer Dave Grossman says of his ongoing work on the Sam & Max series, "I follow Sam and Max around to get material, which has been great, although sometimes it's hard to keep up with them while they're chasing down a suspect. Last week I got a leg cramp and by the time I caught up they'd already gotten the guy to confess to littering, jaywalking, and insider trading, just by whistling the theme from the Andy Griffith Show over and over."

Each Sam & Max episode will debut exclusively on GameTap, with Sam & Max Episode 3 "The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball" coming next on January 25. On February 8, fifteen days after the GameTap premiere, this episode becomes available for purchase from www.telltalegames.com. Sam & Max Episode 4, titled "Abe Lincoln Must Die!" and Sam & Max Episode 5 "Reality 2.0" will begin distribution in the following months. While each installment features a self-contained story, the episodes also reveal clues about an insidious foe that will challenge the crimefighting duo as never before in a truly out-of-this world season finale. The title of the season's epic concluding episode will be revealed in the coming months.

The first Sam & Max episode has received high praise from reviewers and fans alike, singled out as one of the best – and funniest – games of the year by sources ranging from the New York Times, Yahoo and Wired to IGN and GameSpot. 1UP.com calls Sam & Max "gaming's first sitcom" and says it's arguably the first series to merit the term "episodic."

"Situation: Comedy" sells for $8.95 individually, or for $34.95 as part of the Season 1 collection. For those who have already purchased a single episode of Sam & Max and now wish to get the full season package, Telltale has created an upgrade path. Customers can simply pay the difference between the $8.95 single episode price and the $34.95 full season price in order to get all six episodes of the series as they become available. At the end of the season, these full season purchasers can choose to receive a Season 1 CD containing all six episodes for only the cost of shipping and handling. Additional information about the full season upgrade is available on Telltale's website at http://www.telltalegames.com/store/samandmax-season1-upgrade.

Customers who have previously purchased the season collection can access all available Sam & Max episodes by following the instructions at http://www.telltalegames.com/samandmax/seasonactivation.

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