Telltale Announces New Seasons of Batman, Walking Dead & Wolf Among Us

Batman: The Enemy Within

Just ahead of Comic-Con International in San Diego, Telltale Games has announced new seasons of Batman, The Walking Dead and the Fables title The Wolf Among Us.

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The first is Batman: The Enemy Within, a continuation of Batman: The Telltale Series. The Telltale team takes pride in making a different sort of Batman game that puts the players in the shoes of Bruce Wayne as much as beneath the Dark Knight's cowl. Premiering Aug. 8, the new season will see The Riddler rise as a new threat, as well as the return of John Doe, the game's "proto-Joker."

That will be followed next year by the fourth, and final, season of The Walking Dead, and promises to conclude the story of Clementine. The previous season placed some of the focus on new characters, but from the beginning The Walking Dead has been unique in focusing on the zombie apocalypse from the eyes of a young girl.

Finally, 2018 will also bring the long-awaited second season of The Wolf Among Us. Considering how many mysteries were left dangling last season, which concluded in July 2014, the wait has been excruciating for many fans.

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