Telltale announces Annable's Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent for June

Telltale Games has officially announced a new game from comics creator Graham Annable -- Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent, which comes out in June.

After reading the description, I'd like to see Tethers team up with Jason Shiga's Bookhunter at some point:

Special Agent Nelson Tethers, the sole member of the FBI's Puzzle Research division, is on his way to the icy heart of the Midwestern United States to investigate the apparent stoppage of all production at the Scoggins Erasers Company--the exclusive eraser provider for the White House. No one is really sure why the citizens of this sleepy, snow-covered town have become almost paralyzed while attempting to accomplish simple day-to-day tasks; it's up to Special Agent Tethers to unravel the source of this madness, and get the factory pumping out its much-needed erasers.


You can find more information on the game at the minisite they've created for it, and they've also got it available for pre-order for $9.95.

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