"Tellos" Returns to Image Comics this October

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- Image Comics is delighted to announce thereturn of an old favorite. Beginning this October, the fantastic world ofTELLOS returns in TALES OF TELLOS, a full-color, three issue miniseries,written by series creator Todd Dezago, with covers by series co-creator MikeWieringo (Fantastic Four).

TELLOS, as it says at the beginning of each issue, is a magical patchworkworld made up of a myriad of different realms, populated by Creatures ofMyth and of Legend, a Fantastic Land filled with Adventure around everycorner--and Danger at every turn!

Co-creator Mike Wieringo is convinced the book will appeal to readers bothold and new.

"It's in incredible thing for me to see TELLOS out in the public eye again-- even if I'm not the one drawing the stories (sniff.....)," says the artist."But I DID get to draw the covers, and it brought all those wonderfulfeelings flooding back that I felt when I was drawing our first story arc.Working with Todd on TELLOS was the high-water mark of my comics career, andit's a blast that our characters are out there again. I'm hoping a newgroup of readers will discover TELLOS-- and that long-time fans will enjoythese stories as well."

At the thrilling conclusion to the original TELLOS storyline, the survivingcharacters were scattered to the four winds of these amazing--and oftentimesdangerous--fairytale realms. In this three issue miniseries, we present ananthology of tales which pick up with several of these characters and setthe stage for the long-awaited, all-new storyline TELLOS: SECOND COMING, dueout in Spring of 05.

Each issue will feature two or three stories, with art by Howard Porter(Flash), Craig Rousseau (Impulse) and Kelly Yates, as well as EuropeanArtists Ciro Tota, Bruno Bessadi and Mauricet.

As Readers of the TELLOS series know, mysteries and secrets abound in thisparticular Land of Fantasy, and every story contains another clue to theever-unfolding riddles. Stories intertwine and loop around each other, sothat even when you think you know it all...

Writer Todd Dezago has a last message for readers:

"If you're going to read just one comic book this year, make sure it'ssomething by Alan Moore, 'cause he's awesome! But if you have enough leftover to buy one more book, and you wanna have some fun, make it TALES OFTELLOS! We'll be glad you did!"

TALES OF TELLOS #2 is available for preorder in the November issue ofPREVIEWS and will be on sale November 17. TALES OF TELLOS #1 is on sale inlate October.

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