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Fans of Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo's "Tellos" got some good news Sunday when Dezago filled fans in on when they can expect to see the next "Tellos" book. After numerous delays "Tellos" is back and the final three months of this year will be filled with new "Tellos" chapters.

"...I'm happy to say that the months of October, November, and December will feature the three long-awaited (and slightly off-schedule) Tellos books; 'Tellos: The Last Heist,' 'Tellos: Kindred Spirits,' and 'Tellos: Sons and Moons,' respectively," Todd Dezago told fans on the official Tellos Message Board.

"The 'Last Heist' is all done and being colored as we speak! I'm so proud of it (and CRAIG!!)(and DAVE!) (and NORMAN!) (and DEREK!) (and...) that I could just bust! It should be in stores (finally!) October 10th (Happy Birthday!) and we'll be scheduling a Tellos Chat for sometime shortly after that...

"'Tellos: Kindred Spirits' is the second trade paperback finally finishing up our first Tellos saga, and while most of you prob'ly have these books already, if you're looking for a cool Christmas present for that finicky someone on your list...

"And 'Sons and Moons' should be out the second week in December! It's looking pretty good too with some real surprises and a few 'clues' regarding the next story arc, 'Tellos: Second Coming.' (Actually, Heist has a couple in there as well...)

"It's got stories by Carlo Barberi, Eric Wolfe Hanson, and pin-ups by Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Mike and that Tracie-girl, not to mention a couple other guys...Oh, and Thor Badendyck is back with the story of what Rikk saw in the Temple in The Last Heist when...oh, right, you haven't seen that yet..."

For those who can't wait until October, "Last Heist" artist Craig Rousseau will help you get your fix with 6 pages of the book available on his Web site.

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