Tell Tom Brevoort what you think of Marvel's event comics

Tom Brevoort has a question for you. During his regularly scheduled "Marvel T&A" Q&A alongside fellow Vice President-Executive Editor Axel Alonso, the outspoken editor wondered aloud whether Marvel's new model for event comics -- several smaller ones spread throughout various franchise families rather than one massive line-wide mega-story -- was being received by the readership as Marvel had intended. So he decided to take it straight to the source and ask the readers what they think:

There's one thing I want to ask the readership before we wrap things up this week. At the Baltimore show I held the "Marvel: Your Universe" panel on Sunday, which is our casual conversation panel where we solicit feedback to see what our fans are thinking and feeling about our stuff. And one of the things I came away from that panel with was that a great number of our fans seem to feel that, rather than doing fewer events, we're doing nothing BUT events. From my point of view - and I don't think Axel feels any differently - we shifted away from the model of doing one massive, concentrated event as we moved from SIEGE into The Heroic Age, with the idea of making every individual title its own event. And in some cases, every little subgroup forms its own event that's a little smaller, a little easier to digest and a little easier for fans to get their teeth around. But at least judging by the casual reaction I got in Baltimore, the message they're picking up from that is "Oh my God! There are events everywhere! I can't read anything!"

So I'm curious as to what people are thinking about "Second Coming" and "Shadowland" and "Chaos War" coming up, or "Three" and the first arc of "Avengers" - all these smaller so-called events that we're doing. We've very specifically stayed away since the end of "Siege" from doing any one, big, massive event. And yet, that doesn't seem to be the message people are taking away from us. So I'd like to get a sense as to how people are feeling about what we're doing right now - what they like, what they don't like and how we could be doing things better.

Well, Robot 6 readers, what say you? How is Marvel handling its events and crossovers, and how is it affecting your enjoyment of the books, your budget, or both? Let us -- and Brevoort -- know in the comments below.

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