Tell me, do you want Hot Toys' life-size Batman? You will

I like to imagine that, somewhere, there's a collector with enough money, and enough floor space, to have a "Hall of Heroes" that's rapidly filling up with life-size statues of superheroes and antiheroes. If such a fan exists, Hot Toys' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice life-size collectibles will undoubtedly have a place of honor.

We got a look at Armored Batman in January, followed by glimpses of the others earlier this month at an event in Hong Kong. But now the premium toymaker has unveiled its life-size Batman in all his glory. All 6.3 feet of him.

Standing a little over 7 feet tall on his base, the movie-accurate replica features a lower face based on Ben Affleck's likeness -- complete with 5 o'clock shadow! -- detail suit textures, a fabric cape, and a light-up base with the Batman v Superman logo.

I don't know when it's shipping or how much it costs, but it's probably safe to say it'd devastate my checking account.

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